PPC marketing

Contextual advertising helps to find the target audience and to facilitate the decision to purchase. PPC abbreviation implies pay per click on an ad. You do not pay for the banner views, but only for visiting a website. How does it work? A user types a query in the search engine and then the relevant ads pop up.

Besides that, the advertisements are transmitted within the affiliate network of the advertising system. The potential client does not need to type a specific query, instead, he is shown an ad based on the history of the visited websites. The working principle of this type of advertisement is simple: if the offer matches the customers' expectations, the likelihood of visiting the website increases.

Through implementing contextual advertisement, the companies increase network traffic and sales, (hold events? Introduce discounts?), introduce new goods and services to the market, consolidate their reputation in the eyes of their clients.
Specialists check if you spend your budget on Google Ads and Yandex.Direct efficiently. They also review features of configuration, keywords, their frequency, and relevance. As a result, you get a list of recommendations that will help you decrease spending on advertising and increase sales.
Setting up contextual advertising
Contextual advertising services offered by our team of experts
Researching the market niche and choosing a promotion strategy that will help to target the maximum amount of potential clients at an affordable price per click (PPC). Setting up the advertising campaign within the search and media network. Media and ad promotion using Google Ads and Yandex.Direct accounts.
Audit of the advertising campaign
Working with Google Ads and Yandex.Direct. Setting up and launching the advertisement that will generate new leads and clients starting from the first day of launch.
Managing the advertising campaign
By using advertising we can win back motivated clients so that they will not leave the website before making a purchase.
How to choose advertising format
Build on set goals and nuances of your audience's behavior. Analyzing your potential clients and identifying their needs and concerns will help to create an effective campaign that will lead your business to successful goal completion.
Advertising in the search engines
To enter the market with a moderate budget fast, it is better to choose the search engine advertising. Ads are being set up and launched in search engines such as Google, Yandex, and others.
Advertising in a content and media network
Potential clients see advertisements on YouTube while checking their email, searching for the information on the topical websites, working with an application and so on.
Video advertisement
Our team creates, launches, and maintains campaigns on YouTube. The newbies on the market and those who seek to increase their brand recognition tend to choose this type of advertising. The video format is suited for the companies that deliver information about the advantages of the product such as a new smartphone or a toy, using video content.
Promotion of the apps
Because of advertising on YouTube, in blogs, and in search engines, the whole world will discover your app.
to order contextual advertising from Global Remote Staff
Our team consists of certified experts in the area of Yandex.Direct, Google Ads, Yandex Metrics, Google Analytics
We have experience in launching advertisement for different niches such as goods, services, and education
We develop a media plan and forecast while considering business characteristics
We perform coordinated teamwork. To encompass all the steps of the advertising campaign we engage a team of experts; for example, a contextual advertising specialist, an analyst, a developer, a designer, a copywriter, and a project manager.
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