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SMM marketing services
SMM or Social Media Marketing means using social media platforms as communication channels to promote a brand and to find solutions for your business. The companies communicate with the audience, build a reputation and loyalty towards the brand on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter; although the interaction does not look like direct advertising.

Approximately 1 billion people use Instagram in a monthly period, while Facebook and YouTube have more than 2 billion unique users. For this reason, social media promotion is not only a possibility to interact with clients, but also a great way to increase the audience base. Social media marketing helps the brands to promote their product, services, events, to increase website traffic, and to work on the brand reputation.
Development of SMM strategy
In the beginning, we analyze the market, strengths and weaknesses of the company, level of demand, and competitors, in order to get closer to your goal step by step.
Creating a content strategy
We develop a content strategy that will help you and your team guide your work, even without in-depth knowledge of content marketing. You will get recommendations on how to create selling, informative, and entertaining content. Our experts will make suggestions based on the analysis of the business niche, direct and indirect competitors, and target audience.
Registration and page layout
You will get a community (?) designed in the same style that will include a detailed description of your company as well as contact information. We create content based on the deliberate strategy and post it according to the agreed timetable.
Managing accounts on social media
We write posts that will initiate communication with the audience, increase the reach, engagement, and loyalty towards the brand. As a result, both website traffic and the number of potential clients will increase.
Targeted advertising
Setting up and launching advertisements in order to increase the number of followers, applications, visits on the website and satisfied customers.
You will get all-inclusive service: a content strategy, its practical implementation, and launch of targeted advertisement.
Creating an account, developing a strategy, working on a series of posts, and setting up advertisements.
Developing a strategy that will generate new followers and launching the advertisement campaign. We consult you on content generation and YouTube channel promotion.
Working with personal and business accounts starting from developing a strategy and writing articles to targeted advertising.
Making a content strategy considering the characteristics of the platform and of the audience; working on publications and launching the advertisement.
Creating an account, so that you can expand the audience by attracting potential clients with visual messages. We develop a strategy based on your goals, create a timeline for posting and launch advertisements.
Integrated promotion: from developing a strategy and account registration to setting up the advertisement.
Full promotion on the platform: from writing a content strategy and posts to targeted advertising.
Setting up targeting service on the advertising platform based on the content format for different social media.
Messenger marketing
Establishing communication with clients through popular messengers such as Telegram, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Viber.
Your business needs social media marketing, if:
You want to make your brand widely recognizable
You want to make your brand widely recognizable, no matter whether its a launch of a startup or business expansion. If you do not want to stay behind your competitors, you need to represent your business on social media wisely.
You need to establish a communication channel with clients
Through online platforms, you can speak about the company, post news updates, useful tips, and build interaction with the target audience. With the help of content marketing, you will get loyal customers who are ready to purchase your product.
You need an advertisement
You need an advertisement with a high level of audience engagement. Thousands of potential customers will be able to see your ad on social media.
We offer comprehensive solutions for your business: from developing a strategy to monitoring the effectiveness of advertising on social media.
We create quality content that adds value to your business and helps it grow, while for us it means building a strong reputation on the market.
We are not afraid to manage projects of any complexity and at the same time find the most simple and effective solutions for your business.
We develop an individual and unique strategy and creative content that you will not see anywhere else.
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