Development of mobile applications

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Development of mobile applications
Global remote staff is a progressive provider of professional staff in the field of mobile application development. We love solving real problems of our client with the help of the best of the best. Mobile app programming is a rather specific and complex industry, but we will find the right people for you, who are ready to start working in a responsible manner.

Our goal is to find the staff for your company in the field of mobile app development, so that frustration will be turned into delight, and problems – to benefits. Our systems approach consists of formulating strategic goals for your company, careful analysis and selection of experts that will provide fantastic user interfaces, a powerful set of features, data records and constant updates.
Their goal is to create powerful and efficient Android apps that solve business problems, attract users and support your brand.
Specialists in the development of iOS applications
Key areas of our recruitment for mobile development
This is a pool of talented programmers for iOS, who are educated to create beautiful applications, exciting games or enterprise-level solutions.
Specialists in the development of Android applications
Programming languages for creating mobile applications
Mobile devices play an important role in the life of every modern person, and it is very difficult to imagine a day without them. Our applications have now become the face of many business organizations.

Here are the 15 most popular languages in the field of mobile programming used by our involved developers.
Python is an object-oriented and high-level programming language with a combination of dynamic semantics, mainly for web and mobile application development.
Java is a language used to create complete applications that can run on a single computer or be distributed between servers and clients on a network, and can also be used to create a small application module or applet.
PHP (hypertext preprocessor) is a server-side scripting language that is used for General purpose development; it was originally created for websites, but is now also used for all types of mobile applications.
Buildfire.js uses the BuildFire SDK and Javascript to allow developers to build mobile applications with BuildFire backend support at unprecedented speed.
C++ is a general-purpose object-oriented programming language that helps to develop cross-platform mobile applications thanks to its consolidating debugging experience and powerful environment.
Swift is the main open source programming language used to develop applications for iOS and OS X.
Objective-C is also a general-purpose object-oriented programming language derived from C. It was the primary programming language used by Apple to develop iOS and OS X before Swift.
JavaScript is a high-level programming language. Creating mobile apps using JavaScript is possible, but with one condition, it should be used with CSS, HTML, and AJAX.
C# is also known as C Sharp. It is a component-and object-oriented, multiparadigmatic programming language, also suitable for writing mobile applications.
HTML5 is one of the classic languages for displaying content on the Internet, which when using certain frameworks is suitable for creating Android and iOS applications.
Pearl is a high-level dynamic programming language that uses the functions of other languages such as AWK, C Sed, etc. Pearl is easier to developing apps for Android.
Rust is a built-in programming language from Mozilla that is safer and better than C, C++, Ruby and Python.
Kotlin is a compressed, compact and understandable language that is fully compatible with Java. The simple syntax and focus on mobile app development has attracted many developers.
Corona is a specialized language for simple processes that makes it easier for developers to create mobile applications.
QML is a cross-platform development programming language, ideal for mobile applications that require touch input, smooth animation, and a high level of user interaction.
A great relevance was also received by React Native framework, which facilitates and accelerates the work of many developers from our community.
Advantages of Global remote staff
Competitive hourly rates
Developers of mobile applications offered by Global remote staff will save you half of the standard budget from the start. Increase the level and speed of development, using the right approach.
High expertise of developers
We do not care about the complexity and scale of the programmers offered by Global remote staff. They show results quickly, with the top priority of achieving your project goals within budget and deadlines.
The involved global remote staff app developers have in-depth knowledge in creating apps for every major platform, including iOS, Android and Windows. Many of them create the most innovative solutions for applications.
You can trust the selection of the right specialist to us, or fully participate in this process, so that together with you we create the right model of interaction and selection methods that meet all your requirements. We are always available by phone, email and messengers.
Get the best professionals with Global remote staff
Trust and honesty strongly connect us with customers. We sincerely work for your goals, regardless of the size of business.

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